Dairy Poll 2022

Independent Performance Review

Dairy Australia’s performance has been independently evaluated

An independent review of performance is designed to ensure Dairy Australia remains relevant to dairy farmers and identifies opportunities to improve and is a requirement under the Statutory Funding  contract with the Australian Government. The highlights presented in the independent review demonstrate the breadth of ways in which Dairy Australia utilises the levy in a manner that cannot be achieved by individual dairy businesses. The overall finding of the 2021 independent review was very positive.

“Dairy Australia is an effective, outcomes focused organisation with a strong service culture to the Australian dairy industry. It is managed by professional people who seem to care about what they do. There is strong and appropriate governance and a healthy focus on continuous improvement of structures, systems and processes.”

Key findings from the independent performance review

Dairy Australia has engaged with farmers to shift focus of marketing to community trust

Dairy Australia has adopted a major shift in its consumer and community marketing and communications approach. The transition from driving consumption of dairy to community acceptance and trust in the dairy industry has resulted in Dairy Matters. Dairy Matters is responding to consumers wanting to know where their food comes from and what the industry is doing for their animals and the environment. Of particular credit to Dairy Australia, has been its engagement with dairy farmers to give them confidence that focusing on trust over consumption will benefit the industry.

Dairy Australia’s responses to crises are exceptional

Industry and government stakeholder feedback consistently identifies that Dairy Australia’s responses in support of industry members and the assistance they provide during industry crises (e.g. droughts, bushfires and floods) are exceptional. A leading example is COVID-19 which raised complex issues for the industry.

Regional Services continue to meet specific needs of farmers

Dairy Australia’s Regional Services are shining examples of de-centralised industry services and extension provision. Dairy Australia supports regional offices to continue with the independent governance and operations which enable dairying regions to receive tailored activities and services to meet the regional circumstances and their specific needs.

Longevity and Security of R&D Investment

Dairy Australia’s RD&E portfolio is dominated by large, long term collaborative partnerships with a small number of research partners. These partnerships have achieved significant critical mass in dairy research and development and have motivated additional investment in and the retention of key research infrastructure and talent by partners.

Dairy Australia’s commitment to the Australian Dairy Plan

The ADP process has largely been viewed as a success by most industry members consulted under this independent review. The willingness of Dairy Australia to engage and assist the industry during this process is seen as a positive demonstration of Dairy Australia’s commitment to the industry it serves.

Internal reforms of Structure, Systems and Processes

Dairy Australia has embarked on an ambitious and extended reform program to modernise all dimensions of the operations of the company. While it is clear team members have operated under high workloads to deliver this reform, there is a positive intent, confidence and commitment expressed by management about what has been achieved.