Dairy Poll 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

About the vote

When will farmers be informed on how to vote?Collapsed
What are voting entitlements based on?Collapsed
How does levy poll voting work?Collapsed
How do levy payers know how many votes they get?Collapsed
Why isn’t there a ‘no levy’ or reduction on the ballot paper?Collapsed
What would the 'no change' voting option mean for the delivery of current services.Collapsed
What information is Dairy Australia providing on the key investment areas?Collapsed
How has Dairy Australia calculated the value of benefits for the investment areas?Collapsed
How would you measure success of the additional investments in the key areas?Collapsed
What is preferential voting and how does it work? Collapsed

About LPAC

Who is LPAC and what is their role?Collapsed

About Dairy Australia

What is Dairy Australia’s role?Collapsed
Has the effectiveness of Dairy Australia been assessed?Collapsed
Why does Dairy Australia have reserves?Collapsed
Are reserves declining?Collapsed
Does Dairy Australia invest in research and development at the same or similar rates relative to other levied industries?Collapsed