Dairy Poll 2022

What was the result of Dairy Poll 2022?

Link Market Services, the independent company engaged to conduct the vote, have certified that Australian dairy farmers have voted to not change the current levy investment during the 2022 Dairy Poll conducted 24 February 2022– 31 March 2022.   Click here to see the full results announcement.Opens in new window

What is the Dairy Poll?

An opportunity for farmers to determine the future level of the dairy service levy. This levy is reviewed at least every five years.

What is the dairy service levy?

The dairy service levy is invested by Dairy Australia in services to benefit dairy farmers and protect the right to farm. These investments include research and innovation, supporting farm business management, responding to events such as drought, bushfires or COVID-19, developing tools to adapt to the environment and address climate, supporting on-farm employment needs, marketing of dairy products and commitment to sustainability, policy research, industry insights, and delivering international market programs.

Who can vote?

All levy payers can vote.

What are the options?

The Dairy Poll 2022 options put forward by the Levy Poll Advisory Committee (LPAC) for you to consider:

  • No change
  • + 15%
  • + 20% - LPAC Recommended
  • + 25%

The current levy has not changed since 2012.

How would an increase in levy be invested?

The following four investment areas will deliver tangible benefits to farm businesses in areas that are of most importance to farmers and for the industry's future.

1. Labour
Farmers will have access to more people on-farm to address labour needs both now and in the future.
2. Regional Services
Farmers will benefit from more accessible regional services tailored to their business needs.
3. Climate
Farmers will be supported to address the climate challenge and reap the benefit of returns from carbon market participation.
4. Policy development
Farmers will have a stronger voice through more informed policy positions that advance the dairy industry.

For more information, please have a look at the Information MemorandumOpens in new window document.

Who decided on the options?

An independent Levy Poll Advisory Committee (LPAC) was established to review the dairy service levy. The LPAC comprised 15 people – an Independent Chair, 12 dairy farmers (three from industry organisations) and two other industry representatives.

LPAC has determined the voting options to appear on the ballot paper, including a recommended option that is in the best interests of the industry. For more on this decision, click hereOpens in new window.

When will I have voting materials?

Every levy payer was posted a printed copy of the Information Memorandum together with the voting materials and voting instructions on February 4th 2022.  If you have not as yet received your voting materials, please email vote@linkmarketservices.com.au

A digital copy of the Information Memorandum is already available to download hereOpens in new window

When can I vote?

Voting opens 24 February 2022

Voting closes 31 March 2022